Google Trimming the Title FAT from the SERP

It doesn’t have to be in the bad way you’re probably thinking. It can be for the best can’t it? In this case, I think so.

The game has changed again. Don’t be surprised. This time it’s title tags.  They are now being dynamically resized from anywhere from 40 to 60 characters long. Length is determined by use of regular text versus all-caps titles.

Unless the title said “FREE FINAL FOUR SEATS” when did shouting at your customers in ALL CAPS turn into a click-through? You’ve been warned. If this is you, it’s time to shake those bad practices.

Any full capitalized words in titles will now start to hurt you. The bulkiness of a capital character takes up more room so it shortens the visible part of your title. Take a look at a comparison:

Standard title tag preview

Standard Title tag preview

ALL CAPS title tag preview

ALL CAPS title tag preview

Read the full article to see what else to consider when creating your search-friendly titles for your website’s pages.

This article was found courtesy of the Moz Top Ten email I get every month. Dr. Pete (It’s just weird to call an SEO a Doctor but he earned it!) gives us some best practices going forward and a tool to view what your titles look like now.

Discover what your titles are looking with the 2014 Title Tag Preview Tool. Access it here.



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