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Morgan Enroughty – SEO Specialist, Inbound Marketer and Consultant

With an itching curiosity to “know more”, my childhood borderline obsession with computers introduced me to the Internet. 9 years old and a dial up, I accessed the internet for the first time. The ability to instantly connect 2 points on the globe, deep down I knew the internet was and is our Future.

As a Sophomore in high school, I set up my first website. Even today, I enjoy discovering innovative web traffic and conversion strategies.

As high school sophomores, a friend and I set up our first website

From then I was hooked. I wanted to know all about the finer mechanics of driving web traffic. Then converting it to paying customers.

In 2007, the internet marketing landscape began to change so I focused my effort on the INS and OUTS of Search Engine Optimization and Digital Inbound Marketing. An industry moving as fast as the rapid white waters of Technology. To think one person could perfect each major discipline of internet marketing is simply absurd. So I set out to partner with exceptional individuals and businesses to provide a Japanese kobe beef-like digital agency. Quality for quality partners providing profit yielding marketing strategies for businesses.

River City Internet Marketing prides itself on relieving businesses from the tangled understanding of marketing on the web. Let us boost your efforts strategically to meet your business goals. Working together we will max the return on your web marketing.

The web is a flood of information. A decade ago searching and actually finding what you’re looking for was nonexistent. Search Engines have evolved to a level of using predictive indicators to determine what it is you are seeking (Google Suggest) or delivering information you didn’t ask for but believes you will need in order to make a decision (See Google Now feature).

We’re ready to help when needed, and proud to be your internet marketing partner.

Morgan Enroughty

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